11 Things That Made My Week

I spend much of my time on the road. It’s important to me to meet all of our Consultants who spend their days interacting with clients every single day. I make it a priority to venture out to the field—we celebrate the triumphs and work through the hardships, together as one big team. Last week, I spent my week on the East Coast. Here, the things that made my travels easier, my work feel important, and quite simply, made me happy.

xx, Gregg

11 things gregg loved

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Working with Antony Todd

My new boyfriend patched jeans from Zara.

Everything Veronica Beard because we all know that I cannot get out of bed without putting a blazer on.

Kelly Corrigan’s book Glitter and Glue is making me appreciate my mom, more and more.

Spicy Citrus juice from Juice Press in NYC.

The kale pizza at the Tarry Lodge.

Everything about the Mercer Hotel.

The fact that spring break is next week.

Tracy Anderson

The amazing story of a Consultant’s son who has Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa—his skin is feeling better with our Lustro Body Oil.

These videos from Beautycounter Consultants Katya Johnson, Tracy Tumeinski, Samantha Levin, and Alanna Zammett on why they’ve joined this important mission: This is the reason why we’re building this business, and moving to create important—and long overdue—change in this industry.