3 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Choose This Physical Sunscreen

Maybe you’ve heard of the term ‘physical sunscreen’? Basically, it’s just another word for mineral sunscreen, which works like a shield by reflecting and scattering UV rays to prevent them from penetrating or damaging the skin. At Beautycounter, we use mineral non-nanoparticle zinc oxide as the sunblocker. Why do we say no to nanoparticles? Because they’re so tiny they may penetrate the skin’s defenses and make their way into the bloodstream and have adverse health effects. There’s not enough data to know for sure, but we don’t think it’s worth the risk, so we steer clear of them. Read more to see why our sunscreen comes out on top:

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1. Catch Rays the Safer Way

Every ingredient in our formulas is screened for safety and sourced sustainably to meet our standards. Instead of using a potentially harmful sunblocker like oxybenzone, we use non-nanoparticle zinc oxide, an effective mineral that works by reflecting UV light rays. Plus, minerals are great for people with sensitive skin because it tends to be less irritating. Zinc oxide is also better for the ocean than oxybenzone, which recent studies have shown may be harmful to coral reefs.

2. No More Streaks

Remember those thick, white ‘sunblocks’ you used as a kid that never seemed to rub in? Luckily, the formulation spreadability has improved, so our mineral-based sunscreens blend in seamlessly. There’s no need to compromise beauty for safety.

3. Top-Rated Customer Favorite

Don’t take our word for it! Our Protect All Over Sunscreen SPF 30 has been top-rated by our customers and we have the reviews to prove it.

“GREAT product! Goes on smoothly… does not feel greasy… seems to be sweat proof and does not sting your eyes! Also… smells good and works!”

– Anne V.

“We love it! So far it kept both my fair skin son and my own fair skin safe this weekend since we are outside so much!”

– Leigh B.

So before you head outside, take a look at our Sun Protection Shop for head-to-toe sun coverage that’s made with cleaner ingredients. Plus, each product smells great!