3 life-changing things our Consultants learned while campaigning on Capitol Hill

As part of our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone, many Beautycounter Consultants actively campaign for safer beauty laws in their home states. This month, we had a chance to reward three leaders who’ve gone above and beyond in their lobbying efforts, bringing them to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress.

Beautycounter Consultants Nikki Holt, Brette Space, and Corrie Gallant visit the office of US Senator Maggie Hassan

These Consultants—Nikki Holt from Raleigh, NC; Brette Space from Park City, UT; and Corrie Gallant from Canada—earned this trip after setting up multiple meetings with their local lawmakers, even traveling to multiple cities, to spread the word about cosmetic reform.

Once they arrived in the capital, the trio met members of Congress from both sides of the aisle. They ultimately asked Senators to co-sponsor the Personal Care Products Safety Act, and urged Representatives to draft similar health-protective legislation for consumers.

All Consultants agreed that this experience gave them a new perspective on creating change. Here, they share some of the most profound things they learned about collaboration, inspiration, and taking action.

Fear can’t coexist with passion and purpose.

Yes, standing up for what you believe in can be scary. But for Corrie Gallant, this feeling vanished once she started expressing the facts in favor of stricter product regulations. “I entered the buildings on Capitol Hill not knowing what to expect,” she says. “My nerves were high, but I was asked to engage during the first meeting and my passion made those nerves surprisingly go away.”

Collaboration is crucial for making things happen.

No matter what our political differences may be, there are certain values that all Americans share. And it’s only when we find this kind of common ground with others that real progress can be made. “I was reminded that whether we agree politically or not, we all [have] the same affinity for both our state and country,” says Nikki Holt. “This opportunity—to voice my convictions with policymakers who [can] change cosmetic laws that haven’t changed in nearly 80 years—was absolutely life-changing.”

Everyone’s voice matters.

Think you don’t have the power to make a difference? That’s not the case—in fact, change can’t happen unless we all participate. “For this Democracy to work, we need more voices,” proclaims Brette Space. “Use your voice to tell everyone [about this mission]. Educate, email, and text your House of Representatives and Senators.”

You may even find that once you take that first small step, its effects will inspire you to do even more. Adds Corrie Gallant: “Sometimes we feel like we are only one little voice, but I was able to see firsthand the impact we are actually making.”

Join us by clicking here to ask your senators to co-sponsor the Personal Care Products Safety Act.