30 Days of Charcoal: Take the Spa Challenge

For one month, we’re detoxing with the beauty darling of the moment, charcoal—and we want you to join us! Take the 30-Day Spa Challenge alongside the Beautycounter Team and post your progress along the way. We’ve created a simple, 4-week routine for you to follow that includes our favorite deep-cleansing classics, including the charcoal mask and cleansing bar. For 15 minutes a day, tops, enjoy a spa-grade facial treatment and reap the complexion-clearing benefits.

When used regularly, mineral-rich charcoal delivers a deep, purifying clean that nourishes, soothes and refines the skin. Absorbent yet non-drying, it draws out impurities and toxins, leaving a brighter, clearer and more even complexion. Like all of our products, our charcoal mask and cleansing bar are sourced with safer ingredients vetted by our rigorous Ingredient Selection Process.

The Routine
Mask on, mask off for a fresh face.

Step One: On damp skin, work the Charcoal Cleansing Bar into a soft lather, then rinse with warm water. Made with antioxidant-rich green tea and organic coconut oil, this bar is gentle enough for daily use and won’t dry out your skin.

Step Two: Pour warm water over the Cleansing Cloth, gently squeeze out excess, and press into skin to open pores.

Step Three: Avoiding the delicate eye area, apply the Purifying Charcoal Mask all over your face. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Made with a mix of kaolin clay and charcoal, this mask is highly absorbent and gently exfoliating. We suggest only using it twice a week, so your skin doesn’t get too dry.

Step Four: Spritz Nourishing Rosewater Mist onto skin to instantly refresh and hydrate.

Step Five: Massage Nourishing Night Cream into skin for ultimate hydration and a brighter-looking complexion.

Beauty Tip: For a ten-minute spot treatment, dab a tiny amount of Purifying Charcoal Mask directly onto oily or congested areas and blemishes.

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Take the 30 Day Spa Challenge

Follow the routine for one month and reveal the results! Share your best selfies @Beautycounter #BCSpaChallenge