4 Makeup Tips to Weatherproof Your Looks

An amazing beauty routine doesn’t have to suffer in cold, humid, or rainy weather. Here are some tips to work around the weather and stay gorgeous without purchasing waterproof versions of your favorite products.

1. Prep Your Skin

Whether your makeup routine is simple or complex, prepped skin will help keep products in place when the weather outside isn’t so great. Moisturizing your skin properly can help create a smooth surface on which to work, and add staying power to your foundation. You can also try adding lip balm as an extra layer of moisture under lipstick.

2. Choose Your Foundation Carefully

The base of your makeup makes all the difference when you risk exposing it to rain—the more substantial the product, the more likely it is to stay in place. Oil-based products work best when it’s humid or rainy, as they tend to hold up much longer than water-based foundation. On those days, look for non-comedogenic versions that feature safer oils such as fruit, flower, and citrus oils, and save the sheer and water-based formulas for better weather. To extend the life of your base makeup even longer, try a lightweight, tinted moisturizer beneath your foundation for an extra layer of coverage.

3. Use Cream-Based Products for Color

Texture is also important when it comes to color. Powder-based products have minimal staying power in the rain, so switch to a cream version of blush. But if powder-based cosmetics are more your thing, try applying them in layers to build up color for a little extra longevity.

4. Dust Your Makeup with the Right Powder

Setting your makeup with powder gives it extra staying power. A mattifying powder that contains cornstarch will combat shine and does the job without leaving your skin looking or feeling dull. Also, make sure you go over every area of your face—not just your T-zone.