5 Reasons Why This Lip Gloss Is Obsession-Worthy

It goes without saying that the perfect lip gloss is definitely hard to find. You want something that has amazing color, isn’t sticky, stays on after a sip from a drink, and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients. Your search stops here… Our Lip Gloss checks all the boxes.

Made with carnauba wax, jojoba oil, and vitamin C, Beautycounter Lip Gloss stays smooth and fresh longer. Each sheer color conditions and moisturizes lips and adds lots of shine. Read on for five reasons our Lip Gloss comes out on top:

1. Smooth Operator

“Sticky lip gloss is the best!” said no one ever. Our formula contains carnauba wax, a native plant to Brazil known as ‘the queen of waxes’, and vitamin E, which has powerful antioxidants with skin conditioning properties. Together they promote long-lasting hydration and shine, without the stickiness.

2. Glossed in the Moment

The high-definition gloss comes from nourishing jojoba seed oil, which absorbs easily and provides immediate moisture, while candelilla wax smooths and shines. The teardrop applicator has a small opening in the center to pick up more of the formula. Just dip it once and glide it on.

3. Real Vanilla? Makes Scents.

What’s that subtly sweet (but not super sugary!) scent? Pure vanilla extract. It took us over a year to source the perfect vanilla for our gloss because we never use synthetic fragrances, only pure essential extracts.

Watch out for the word “Fragrance” on common product labels! It’s usually a blend of various chemical compounds, many of which are common allergens or have links to hormone disruption. And since are they protected as trade secrets, there is no way to know for sure what ingredients are in the fragrance formula.

4. Layer on the Luster

Lip Gloss looks great alone, but even bolder layered with Sheer Lipstick or Cream Blusher. Mix and match for a new hue… Go as light or as dark as you want! If you struggle with dry lips, try applying Lip Conditioner before the gloss for extra hydration.

5. A Shade for Every Occasion

From Buff to Ruby to Fig, these infinitely wearable shades have been tested to complement every skin tone. Glide on Peony for a pop of coral color before brunch, or Dahlia, a rosey pink shade to go with your favorite dress.