Multi-Task Your Beautycounter Products

We here at Beautycounter know that you work hard. We know that whatever is in your wallet should go far. To that end, we’re huge proponents in making our products work much harder than just the one job description indicated on their label (our Founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew uses Kidscounter Shampoo as a bubble bath, too).

The best part is, that no matter how you decide to use each product, you still have the same stringent Beautycounter safety standard through and through. Here, our Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, spilled on 5 ways to multi-task your favorite products.


Use Lip Sheers as a cream blusher Our lip sheers are creamy and moisturizing without using petrolatum that may harm your health when ingested (the safer, high-quality, moisturizing ingredients are derived from plant oils and waxes so you can rest easy when reapplying it day after day). All six colors are universally flattering no matter what your skin tone, but I recommend using coral, currant, and rose as cream blush for a healthy glow. Simply pat a little bit onto the pad of your fourth finger and smooth the color over the apples of cheeks.

Use Lip Shine to “plump” lips Lip Shine was created to use alone or over your favorite Lip Sheer for added luster. We eliminate BHT, parabens, and “flavor.” The fastest (and safest) way to plumper lips is to create an optical illusion: No nip, no tuck, no injection. Just add a tiny bit of Lip Shine to your cupid’s bow and the middle of your bottom lip to give the appearance of more volume.

Use Lustro Body Oil as a hair oil Split ends be gone. Nourishing Rosemary & Citrus and Jasmine body oils are just as moisturizing to the ends of your locks as they are to dry skin. Two pumps into the ends of damp hair and voilà, those pesky frizzies are tamed.

Use a mix of Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion and Lustro Body Oil for deep moisture Thanks to shea butter, marula oil, and jojoba butter, Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion is a mainstay for whenever skin feels a little dry. It absorbs without feeling heavy so it’s ideal for daily and frequent use. For extra dry days, add a couple drops of Lustro body oil for a boost of much needed hydration.

Use Lustro Face Oil as a highlighter The best way to a dewy glow is to use a highlighter in the areas where the sun hits. Lustro Face Oil doesn’t contain the reflective particles that are often packed into traditional highlights so it gives a natural, more believable sheen.