6 Makeup Artist Secrets Everyone Should Know

We were lucky enough to have behind-the-scenes access as Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design and a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, applied the makeup to the models for our brand-new Shop by Look section. This collection of seven chic new looks includes many of Christy’s favorites that she’s created for fashion shoots—translated for women’s everyday lives. On top of the step-by-step makeup lessons we were taught for each look, we overheard some insider tips that were, frankly, news to us. These lesser-known gems are sure to take your makeup application to the next level.



When applying makeup, don’t start with your Tint Skin Complexion Coverage.
Always begin by applying your eye makeup. This way, if product drops down,
you can clean up your skin without messing up your foundation—that can
be applied right after the eye makeup is finished.


Apply Touchup Skin Concealer Pen in an inverted triangle—not in a crescent
shape—below the eye. Start at the inner corner with light, downward strokes
and then gently pat with your ring finger to blend. Using your ring finger
is key because it’s the weakest digit and therefore will naturally apply
the least amount of pressure on the delicate under-eye area.


Draw our Color Outline Eye Pencil on your hand for a moment to
warm it up and therefore soften it slightly right before application—it
will go on even more easily and seamlessly.


Don’t forget to apply Touchup Skin Concealer Pen on your eyelids,
allowing time for it to dry before adding eye shadow. It works as a great
primer, covering up redness and other imperfections to create an
ideal base to showcase our Color Shade Eye Duos.


To avoid any color streaks, make sure moisturizer and other skin treatment
products are dry before starting your makeup application.


Before applying our Color Define Brow Pencil, pull skin taut at the outer
corner of the brow, lifting out and up. You never want to pull downward
or straight out, which can drag down your face. Comb the hair up from the
inner to outer corner to finish the perfect drawing canvas.