6 Reasons Why You Need This Do-it-all Balm in Your Life

Lately, we’ve been turning to our Cleansing Balm a lot. Packed with nourishing butters, oils, and vitamins, it’s a best-selling facial cleanser and makeup-remover for good reason. But we’ve found plenty of other uses for its ultra-hydrating super powers, too. Try these six surprising ways to get the most out of your Cleansing Balm.

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1. Leave it On While You Sleep

When your skin is feeling particularly parched or fatigued, use it as an overnight treatment to intensify the hydrating and nourishing results. As you sleep, your skin’s natural repair cycle kicks in and the balm’s butters, like shea and mango seed, can soak in more deeply and completely. The next morning, wake up to dewy and supple skin—no rinsing required.

2. Take 10 for a Radiance Boost

Maybe you like to sleep face down into your pillow and aren’t too jazzed about leaving balm on all night. Try this instead: rather than rinsing it off immediately when you wash your face in the morning, leave the cleansing balm on for ten extra minutes to give all those oils—like raspberry seed, jojoba and sweet almond—time to absorb below the surface and release their nutrients to boost radiance from within.

3. Use as a Highlighter

Simply tap a tiny amount onto the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose with your middle and ring fingers to catch the light and illuminate your complexion. Voila! Instant natural-looking glow (that’s actually really good for you, thanks to a healthy dose of skin-brightening vitamin C).

4. It’s the Best Defense Against Dry Skin Everywhere

With its high concentration of natural butters and oils, our cleansing balm is an easy way to soothe and treat areas prone to chronic dryness—like elbows, knees, and knuckles. We love using it to soften cuticles before getting our mani game going on the weekends. Just rub a small amount where needed, as often as needed to keep those irritation-prone areas supple and smooth all winter.

5. Use it as a Lip Mask Treatment

‘Tis the time of year when we love to rock a deep red or plum pout, but nothing kills that dream as fast as chapped, flakey lips literally shrinking from the cold. Cleansing Balm can help with that, too. Pucker up and layer it on for 15 minutes, then wipe off gently with a warm, damp cleansing cloth (you get one free with the balm!). Try it once or twice a week while you’re masking anyway.

6. Double Up for Deep Cleaning

Use it as the preliminary player of a two-part evening cleansing routine. Step one: wash your face using Cleansing Balm to relax and soothe dry skin, pampering and prepping it for step two. After rinsing off the balm, gently massage either Nourishing Cream Cleanser or Charcoal Cleansing Bar for a second round of deep cleaning that can now reach the deepest levels for the cleanest clean.

How Do You Balm?

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