60 Seconds With: Jane Mayle, Fashion Designer

If you know Jane Mayle like I know Jane Mayle, you remember a revolutionary store from almost twenty years ago, where UK-born Jane and her then boyfriend opened Phare, the coolest shop in the East Village. I was entirely obsessed with it. I would save all my money and buy her clothes, and I still remember walking into her curated brick and mortar like it was yesterday.

When Phare shuttered, their cult following and I were devastated.  Someone must have heard our cries, because Jane launched her new label Mayle soon after and I still have some her pants, blouses, and purses that I refuse to let go.



As an artist, I have a ton of respect for her, so I knew that when we were shooting her for our brand-new site, I had to grab 60 seconds with the model to answer my most pressing questions.



Name: Jane Mayle

Morning or Night? Night

What song is on repeat? I.C.U. by Lou Doillon

Heels or flats? I’m a heel woman trapped in the body of a woman who has to wear flats! I’m too tall.

What is your ultimate comfort food? Toast with lots of butter and homemade marmalade

The motto you live by? Live the in-between moments to the hilt.

What’s been a major career highlight? Feeling like I’d experienced and learned enough from having my own label for eleven years that I deserved to hit “pause” (see above motto).

Can’t-live-without beauty product? Just give me oil.

Your beauty icon? Grace Jones.

The best beauty secret that no one else knows about? Try things in places they’re not meant for: Lip products on your cheeks, body products in my hair.

Your mom’s best beauty tip? She got to the age of sixty without using a face moisturizer so I’d have to say – don’t fix it if it’s not broken.

Favorite scent? Sandalwood.

Best life advice you’ve ever received? More that life teaches that you have to make the mistakes to learn the lesson and mistakes and lessons are yours. Cherish them.