60 Seconds With: Pan Yan, Model

Her razor-sharp cheekbones and smattering of freckles automatically make Pan Yan stand-out in the sea of models. Both striking and approachable, and we love the versatility of her look—after all, a simple swipe of lipstick takes her from tomboy-cool to full-on glamazon. Yan doesn’t wear makeup in her everyday life but she does have one unusual trick she learned from her mom that keeps her looking great. Read on to find out what it is.


Name? Pan Yan

Morning or Night? Morning

What song is on repeat? Jazz music

Heels or flats? Flats

What is your ultimate comfort food? Chinese food

The motto you live by? Let it be

What’s been a major career highlight? Being on the cover of ID

Your best beauty secret that no one else knows about? I massage my face every day.

Your mom’s best beauty tip? Drink more soup at every meal.

Favorite scent? Anything that’s natural and fresh.

Best life advice you’ve ever received? Don’t complain about life: Just enjoy it and be thankful.