As we look ahead to a new year and all the possibilities it holds, we find ourselves also looking back on the things we’re most proud of. As a company with game-changing ideas, Beautycounter strives to make positive change that goes beyond product by advocating for higher standards within the beauty industry, supporting organizations aligned with our values, and empowering women and girls in every aspect of our business and mission.


Together we have made significant advocacy progress by speaking directly with lawmakers about the importance of passing more health protective laws on personal care products. Our continuing collaboration with the prestigious Tufts University will help us better understand how certain ingredients interact with our bodies. And to date, over 30,000 Consultants in both the US and Canada have joined the movement to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone.

With your help, we’ve given or raised a combined $800,000 for nonprofits and organizations doing incredible work to benefit people and the planet. Among them are, The Environmental Working Group, which uses research and information to protect public health and the environment; Healthy Child Healthy World, which empowers parents and caregivers to protect children from harmful chemicals; and The Girl Effect, which aims to break the cycle of poverty by helping girls around the world reach their full potential. Others, like Stand Up to Cancer and the Breast Cancer Fund, are working tirelessly on cancer prevention and cutting-edge treatment.

That’s a lot to be proud of and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for believing in us and joining in our efforts to make beauty better and the world safer. We’ll see you in the new year!