A big day for #betterbeauty—We’re testifying for Cosmetic Reform

For the past seven years, Beautycounter has led the fight for better beauty. And now, our collective work advocating for clean beauty is culminating in a hearing on cosmetic safety in the House—only the second in the past 40 years.

Titled “Building Consumer Confidence by Empowering FDA to Improve Cosmetic Safety,” we’re excited and proud to have Beautycounter Founder and CEO, Gregg Renfrew, testify as an expert witness before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington, D.C. This testimony means three things:

  1. Congress recognizes that clean beauty is here to stay.
  2. Our voices are being heard.
  3. Business can be a force for positive change.

This is a huge moment for the clean beauty space, and we are honored to be a part of these powerful conversations. Tune in here to catch Gregg live on Wednesday, December 4 at 10am EST. For those who cannot watch the live broadcast, we’ve got you covered. Follow us over on Instagram @beautycounter, where we will be sharing a detailed, play-by-play recap in the coming days.

As we take part in this profound step towards changing the industry, we want to urge you to use your voices to show your support from your hometown. Send a powerful message to Congress that their constituents are concerned about the lack of FDA oversight of the products they use every day. Text BETTERBEAUTY to 52886 and tell your Representatives that 81 years is too long to wait for better beauty laws.

We want to acknowledge that we couldn’t have done this without tens of thousands of Beautycounter Consultants and Clients who have helped us blaze this trail towards getting safer products into the hands of everyone. Because—as we’ve said from the beginning—beauty should be good for you.

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