A Conversation on Brows with Kristie Streicher

With the launch of our new Brilliant Brow Gel, we’ve got brows on the mind and wanted to go straight to the guru, Kristie Streicher. Kristie is a co-founder of STRIIIKE, a cult-favorite beauty salon in Beverly Hills that she runs with her sisters, Jenn and Ashley, who specialize in makeup and hair, respectively. (Talk about triple threat!) Having worked with countless celebrities, Kristie has achieved brow-guru status—she’s best known for her feathered brow and believes in the power of the hair you leave, rather than the hair you tweeze (read: waxing is a no-no in her book).   

We know what you’re thinking: “How do I get an appointment?” Well, you’ll have to get in line, as it usually takes about six months to work with Kristie (you can also DIY it with her covetable tool kit). Until then, get to know more about the woman behind the brows while she gets to the bottom of a few popular “brow beliefs”.   

Beautycounter: When did brows become your main focus?  

Kristie Streicher: I went to esthetician school right after high school in 1997, and was pretty skin-care focused for about four years. Then, in 2001, I moved to New York and realized that “eyebrow specialty” was a thing!! I was always obsessed with eyebrows but never knew they could be the focus. I quickly began to build my clientele, focusing on a fuller, natural approach by insisting clients go longer in between appointments to allow more of the natural shape to grow. That started the full brow movement!   

BC: What’s the most challenging brow to transform?  

KS: The actual brow is the easy part—however, occasionally the owner can get in the way! The brow owner who has been over-tweezing for years, and cannot stop to allow the natural shape to grow in, can be very difficult to help. Sometimes it takes a little extra time, love, and patience to help people understand that after a few months of strategic tweezing and allowing certain hairs to grow in, we can change the shape of the brow and, in turn, flatter the face. It’s totally worth it.   

BC: Do you have any brow muses?  

KS: Frida Kahlo and Brooke Shields circa the 1980s.  

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Now, a speed round of beliefs about brows:  

BELIEF: Your brows will stop growing back if you pluck them too much.   

KS: This can be a reality for some people. Sometimes, all it takes is once, and the follicles can be traumatized and never grow again!   

BELIEF: Your brows need to match your hair color.  

KS: FALSE. Your brow product needs to match your brow hair color, but your brows do not need to match your hair color.   

BELIEF: Never try to trim your brows on your own—let an expert handle that.   

KS: Trimming can be just as detrimental as tweezing. If over-trimming occurs, it can expose sparse areas and leave other areas looking too dense.  

BELIEF: You can’t change the shape of your brows.   

KS: FALSE. You can change the shape of your brows for better or worse! It’s best to work with your natural brow shape and tweak it slightly to be more flattering for the face, if need be.   

BELIEF: Getting moisturizer or oils in your eyebrows can prevent them from growing or make them fall out.  

KS: FALSE. In fact, they like to be exfoliated and moisturized like the rest of the face.  

Feeling inspired by Kristie’s brow knowledge? Right this way to better brows…  

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