A Note From Christy Coleman, Head of Creative Design

My family used to make fun of me and how health conscious I was, but when my father was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, he said something to me that stuck: “Kid, there’s a lot to be said about how you live your life – when I grow up I want to be you.”

I was heartbroken when he passed, and then my mother fell ill shortly afterwards. At the time, I was in New York working as a fashion and celebrity makeup artist and felt like I needed to do something with my life that would make a real and calculated difference. So within two weeks, I bought a truck, loaded up my dog and Vitamix, and headed for California. I was dead-set on quitting my job to volunteer.



By happenstance, I picked up Not Just a Pretty Face by Stacey Malkan and had an epiphany: I was a makeup artist using formulas linked to the very same types of diseases that affected me so deeply – I was shocked to find that ingredients like formaldehyde had been linked to Lou Gehrig’s, and were prevalent in the cosmetics I used on myself and my clients everyday.


That’s when I started buying my makeup from more ingredient-restrictive countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Germany, and that was the beginning of a year-long process, mixing and matching non-toxic products for my soon-to-be cleaned up makeup kit.

The heart of why I show up to work everyday is to affect change – and I’m proud to be part of a team of people and Consultants who feel the same way. I hope that you come here often: You’ll find everything from makeup application tips, behind the scenes insight that tells the story of how we came to choose super ingredients for our super products, to interviews with some of my favorite people. I look forward to showing you all.