An All-New Kind of Moisturizer

We call for a ride with the tap of a finger. We pay for groceries with our thumbprint. And our phones remind us when it’s time to leave for an appointment. We’re surrounded by technology that adjusts to our needs… Why not expect the same from skin care products?

That’s the idea behind Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion, an advanced moisturizer designed to give skin exactly what it needs and nothing it doesn’t. Developed using breakthrough Bio-Mimic Technology, this moisturizer will keep your skin at its peak performance, even in the face of ever-changing aggressors like weather, stress, pollution, and travel. Read on for three reasons why you should make the switch to Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion.

1. The Breakthrough: Bio-Mimic Technology

When envisioning this moisturizer, we first considered what healthy skin needs: water, nutrition, and oxygen. We wanted to make a moisturizer that delivers on those needs, and looked to plants for the answer. To develop Bio-Mimic Technology, we identified the most potent and beneficial elements from plants that mimic skin function and structure. Squalane derived from green olives draws moisture into the skin and restores elasticity. Arginine, which is found naturally in beetroot, provides nutrients for vibrant, healthy skin. And phytic acid sourced from green rice helps skin breathe for a natural glow.

2. Optimal Hydration

Depending on skin type (sensitive, normal, combination/ oily or dry) and exposure to external aggressors, our skin’s needs can vary throughout the day. That’s why every ingredient in Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion was carefully chosen for its beneficial effects, giving skin plenty of tools to naturally correct a lack of hydration, nutrition or respiration. In fact, it keeps skin within the optimal hydration zone for nearly 24 hours, while many other moisturizers peak early in the day then steadily fall below the ideal range.

3. Everything Your Skin Needs, Nothing It Doesn’t

Leading moisturizers use ingredients like mineral oil and petrolatum. These ingredients give the formulation a rich texture and silky feel but offer no particular benefit to your skin. Plus, it takes time and energy for your skin to break them down, taking focus away from nourishing, hydrating, and repairing. On the other hand, Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion has a unique composition that matches the natural structure of the skin. And it instantly absorbs, making skin look refreshed, vibrant and radiant.