Balancing Act: Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice

It could be time spent at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, her stint as Food and Wine Editor at the L.A. Times, or perhaps her job working under award-winning chef Suzanne Goin at Lucques, but Amanda Chantal Bacon’s cumulative experiences taught her about the trifecta of sustainability, sourcing, and working with local producers. In 2012, Bacon opened her acclaimed organic juice and nut milk shop, Moon Juice and built a cult following.

At Moon Juice, Bacon’s proprietary tonics – like Fennel, Frond & Herb that promises to be anti-bloating, headache taming, and skin healing – are whipped up to serve both the Venice Beach-based flagship and Silverlake stores. Here, we asked Bacon to tell us about balancing her typical day, from how she stays satiated while commuting to both ends of a gridlocked city, to her biggest business vices.


5:30 am: My day begins early (I have a toddler).

7 am: Breakfast is a super nutrient-dense breakfast that comes out of a blender. What goes in really depends upon the season: superfoods, green juice and whatever else I’m feeling that day. Every morning, I’ll also make a warm elixir using one of the 7 Moon Juice tonics that I’ve developed. My son Rohan and I enjoy breakfast time together and play – it’s my absolute favorite part of the day!

8 am: It’s rare, but if I have a bit of time to myself in the morning, I will catch a yoga class or move my body in some way. After a shower, I practice self Abhyanga (an Ayurvedic oil massage). Honestly, it’s the 5 minutes that I consistently take for myself no matter how busy I am: It’s my self-care ritual. If I did not have time for yoga that morning, I will do a little pranayam – just deep breathing while I apply the oil.

10 am: After breakfast, I go to work. The beauty of my business is that every day is different. Moon Juice takes me all over town from Venice to Silver Lake to DTLA and everywhere in between.

12 pm: Because I’m always on the go, I pack a little cooler full of our juices, moon milks, and raw sprouted snacks to sustain me throughout the day.

5:30 pm: I’m back home to have an early dinner with Rohan. Cooking with him is so much fun. We open all the doors and windows and play music. Now that the light is longer and days are warmer, we’ll take a walk around the neighborhood after dinner to see some friends.

8pm: After Rohan is tucked in I might have a few friends over for tea or spend time by myself, reflecting on my day.

10pm: As a nightcap I make a hot moon tonic and enjoy some down time.

11pm: I get in bed and on my best nights fall asleep, but I often find myself working off my iPhone until 3 am. It’s not ideal, but it’s my reality as a business owner!