Balancing Act: Ariel Gordon, Jewelry Designer

Here at Beautycounter, we’re always inspired by women who do big things (and still manage to keep it together in the process). To that end, we asked jewelry designer and entrepreneur, Ariel Gordon—who churns out delicate baubles and runs her business, lean—to walk us through a typical day.



7:00 am – Wake up and reach for my phone to check e-mails (and see what’s going on in the Instagram world).

8:30 am – A few days a week I like to take a Pop Physique class in Santa Monica or do one of my Tracy Anderson videos.

9:45 am – If I’ve worked out, I’ll swing by Whole Foods and grab a quick breakfast (usually an oatmeal and a juice) or if I feel I need a little extra protein I’ll grab some egg whites, too.

10:15 am – I drive downtown to my studio in the heart of LA’s jewelry district. I’m really proud that I can make all of my jewelry locally and support the jewelry industry here.

10:45 am – When I get there, I immediately pour myself a green tea (helps my days feel more civilized since they are usually pretty hectic). I sit down at the computer and try to plow through as many e-mails as I can.

Being a small business owner I have to wear many hats. It sounds very glamorous to say, “I’m a jewelry designer,” but 90% of what I do on a daily basis is running a small business (customer service, accounting, sales, marketing, sourcing materials, PR, website maintenance, product photography, graphic design, order fulfillment, etc.). Juggling it all can be daunting. Some days it’s hard to know where to being. That’s why I’m a ‘to-do list’ addict. I’ve got them floating around me at all times. When I feel overwhelmed, I just start at the top of the list and work my way down, item by item.

1:30 pm – Walk over to Grand Central Market across the street for a quick lunch. There is a new cheese shop there DTLA Cheese that makes delicious little sandwiches perfect for a lunch on the run.

2:00 pm – I usually have calls in the afternoon. Lately they range from calls with my publicist to discuss our PR strategy, calls with stores to discuss sales, calls with clients to discuss custom engagement rings, calls with my web developer to discuss my new site (re-launching in a few months), or calls with my accountant to discuss taxes.

7:00 pm – Head home and cook dinner with my husband Alex. My friend (Christina Perez from Glamour Magazine) recently sent us a subscription to this food deliver service called Blue Apron. We like to do it a few nights a week to learn new cooking techniques. Other than that our produce comes from a weekly trip to the Palisades farmer’s market.

10:30 pm – Hop in bed and watch something on Netflix or read a book.

11:00 pm – Sleep, wash, and repeat.


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