Balancing Act: Heather Taylor, Art Consultant

Seven or so years ago, Heather Taylor and her husband, Alex De Cordoba, launched Taylor De Cordoba, one of the hottest contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles. And then they decided to take a break, and now spend their days consulting and developing emerging artists instead. But, this tenure from the gallery hasn’t made Heather any less busy: Her editorial site LA in Bloom is booming, and she just launched her earthy-chic, Mexican-influenced home goods linen line Heather Taylor Home in 2013, which has been spotted on las tablas of super-cool tastemakers and publications alike. We asked the writer/art consultant/lifestyle expert/linen queen to take us through an average day to show us how she balances it all.

Heather Taylor Beautycounter

 photo credit: Jeana Sohn

6:30 -7 am – Alarm clock goes off and I start making coffee. Pour a cup and do my first digital check-in of the day, comprised of reading The New York Times and checking email. Once the coffee has kicked in, I open my computer and put finishing touches on my blog post for LA in Bloom and answer any pressing emails that came in during the night.

7:30 – 8 am – Most days begin with some form of exercise—usually a spin class, yoga, or a hike. Being active clears my head and is a great stress reliever.

9 am – I always cook myself a simple breakfast at home. My current favorite is a scrambled egg with sliced avocado in a warm tortilla. If I have less time, I’ll throw together a healthy date shake: Almond milk, almond butter, banana, dates, and cinnamon.

10 am – I sit down at my desk and make my daily to-do list. I begin answering emails and taking care of the tasks at hand—approving linen samples for my line Heather Taylor Home, strategizing about new products, and shipping inventory to new clients and wholesale accounts.

1 pm – I have a lot of lunch meetings, often at my favorite cafe Sqirl. I’m completely addicted to the egg-topped sorrel pesto rice bowl.

2:30 pm – I run downtown to meet with vendors and deliver linens to one of my stockists on L.A.’s east side.

3 pm – I meet up with my friend, photographer Jeana Sohn for a quick chai tea latte at Casbah Cafe to discuss an upcoming collaboration.

4 pm – I’m back at the office, where I promptly turn on All Things Considered and begin tackling whatever projects need my attention. I make sure my LA in Bloom blog posts are in order for the week, process any inventory that has arrived, and check in on my Heather Taylor Home social media. I try to tie up all loose ends so I can enjoy the evening.

6:30 pm – I meet my friend, handbag designer Clare Vivier for a glass of Prosecco at the bar at Pizzeria Mozza where we download on our day, and catch up on the week.

8 pm – I make a simple dinner for me and my husband, like Kimchi Fried Rice or Sweet Potato and Mushroom tacos. I’m addicted to Summerland produce deliveries, which means my fridge is always stocked with fresh ingredients and weeknight cooking is less daunting.

9 pm – I watch an episode (or two) of whatever show I’m currently obsessed with. Right now it’s The Good Wife.

10:30 -11 pm – I crawl into bed with an issue of The New Yorker and I’m off to sleep. I keep my iPhone out of the bedroom to to ensure a peaceful night’s rest.