Beautycounter endorses the Personal Care Products Safety Act

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating—the United States hasn’t passed a major law regulating cosmetic safety since 1938. Yes, this is shocking, but we’re continuing to fight for change. Our latest move: An official endorsement of the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1113).

Beautycounter staff and California constituents meet with Senator Feinstein in support of the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

What is the Personal Care Products Safety Act?

The bill, introduced by Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Susan Collins (R-ME), first debuted in 2015. Since then, Beautycounter has been working with its authors to ensure it gives the FDA authority to protect all Americans from harmful chemical exposures. We’ve also held hundreds of meetings in Washington D.C., encouraging lawmakers to support this important initiative.

While it’s not a perfect bill, the legislation will significantly impact current cosmetic and skin care safety regulations—for the better. In its current form, the bill would:

*Require the FDA to review at least five chemicals (or chemical classe—a provision that Beautycounter pushed for in the previous Congressional term) for safety each year

*Require companies to share ingredient information with the FDA

*Require companies to report “serious adverse events” related to their products within 15 days

*Require online brands and salon product makers to disclose their ingredients

*Allow the FDA to recall unsafe personal care products (For example, hair straightening products containing formaldehyde)

*Provide protections for small businesses without sacrificing public health

*Ensure adequate funding for FDA to conduct oversight and fulfill staffing needs

Why is our endorsement a big deal?

As the fastest-growing company in the fastest-growing sector of the beauty industry, Beautycounter’s voice matters. It’s even more powerful thanks to some of the companies in Counteract—our coalition of safer beauty brands campaigning for reform—the vast majority of which joined us in endorsing this important legislation. These innovative companies in the safer skin care and cosmetics category have lent their voices to supporting a bill that takes a vital step towards protecting consumer health.

And, as backers of the bill, we’re in good company. Organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Endocrine Society, and the March of Dimes have also endorsed the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

We’re excited to take another step towards making the beauty industry safer. Studies show that conditions such as cancer and endocrine disruption are on the rise, both of which have been linked to chemical exposure. Beautycounter will continue to work with lawmakers to ensure meaningful reform passes as quickly as possible.

Want to help us out? Click here to ask your senators to co-sponsor the Personal Care Products Safety Act.