Why Beautycounter Goes Above and Beyond What’s Required by E.U. Safety Regulations

In the increasingly crowded safer beauty marketplace, it’s often hard to distinguish what is jargon and what is actually effective and safer for your health. At Beautycounter, we believe in radical transparency and products that are safer by design. To that end, we go well beyond what even the most stringent international safety regulations require, because existing laws just aren’t strong enough.

Our commitment to safety starts with formulation and we begin by consulting The Never List™ which is composed of over 1,500 ingredients we choose never to formulate with. In comparison, the U.S. government restricts only 30 ingredients while Canada restricts more than 600 and the E.U. more than 1,400 ingredients. We’re proud of our commitment to choose only ingredients that undergo strenuous review.

Yet, even with our rigorous screening process, we receive questions from clients that ask what sets Beautycounter apart from our Canadian and European counterparts. The answer is simple – Beautycounter goes above and beyond what is allowed overseas by banning intentionally, screening rigorously, learning constantly, sourcing responsibly and sharing transparently.

To show how we go above and beyond what’s required in places like the E.U., consider our cleansers. Of the three main types of surfactants or cleansing agents, Beautycounter prohibits both sulfates and ethoxylated surfactants which Europe, Canada and the U.S. all allow. Instead, we choose sugar derived surfactants for our products.

Among commonly used active ingredients, Beautycounter does not use ingredients like retinoids or hydroquinone which are allowed or partially restricted in Europe. And in the area of preservatives, we prohibit all parabens and formaldehyde releasers while in contrast, some parabens are allowed in the European markets, including methy and ethyl parabens as well as propyl and butyl parabens. Moreover, while Europe has banned formaldehyde, many formaldehyde releasers such as diazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate and bronopol are still allowed.

Simply put, Beautycounter is far more restrictive of personal care ingredients than even Europe. In fact, our safety blueprint takes into account 23 safety endpoints including everything from irritation to carcinogenicity to reproductive harms and endocrine activity.

We recognize that our mission towards better beauty is a goal and not a destination. Science will continue to evolve and innovation in ingredients and the manufacturing process will transform our business. The beauty industry will not look the same in ten years. But we can promise that one thing will never change. Beautycounter will work everyday to deliver both performance and safety because we believe that beauty shouldn’t only make you look good but be good for everyone.