Beautycounter Hits the Beach: Cleaning up the Sand in Santa Monica

It goes without saying, the ocean is beautiful (Seriously, what sunset-over-the-water photo isn’t perfect?). And we want to keep it that way. So on World Oceans Day, the associates at the Beautycounter office grabbed some gloves and garbage bags and rolled down to the coast to clean up Santa Monica Beach! Here are some highlights from the day:

Yo, Metro!

In an effort to keep emissions down, we took the LA Metro to the Santa Monica Pier.

Everyone Say “Cleeeean”

After a quick photo op, the Beautycounter Beach Clean-Up Crew gets to work.

All Smiles

Carlissa, Talia, Jessica, Ashley, and Kai stand together for cleaner oceans.

The Beautycounter Boys

(Not pictured: Thousands of women lining up for autographs.)*

*Editor’s Note: Not true. Also, this blog post was written by a man.

It Was a Breeze

No amount of wind could stop us from cleaning up Santa Monica!

2 Awesome

When it comes beach clean-ups, Meaghan and Kai always have each other’s backs.

Picture Perfect

The next time you’re at the beach, don’t walk by that plastic cup. Take a second and toss it in the trash!

Also, don’t forget to check out our blog post on plastic microbeads and their (bad!) effects on the ocean ecosystem, and the safer exfoliants you can use instead!