Beautycounter is Working to Protect Salon Workers

Did you know that manufacturers of professional products do not need to list ingredients for products used in a professional salon setting such as nail polish, hair-straightening treatments and hair color?  

Salon workers are often exposed to harmful chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and allergies at a higher rate than the general population. Moreover, women of color represent a majority of the salon professional field.

Last year, Beautycounter supported a California legislative measure (AB 2775) that aims to provide transparency in products marketed toward and used by salon professionals, and make information surrounding product ingredients used in products at salons potential health risks more accessible to the public. The Professional Cosmetics: Labeling Requirements Bill would give salon workers access to information about the potentially harmful ingredients they come in contact with every day. If this seems like common sense, it is.

This year, Beautycounter joined a roster of organizations. Some of these organizations include Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Black Women for Wellness and Women’s Voices for the Earth, and the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative. We’re honored to work alongside these women-led organizations to advocate for this important bill’s passage.

Last week marked a significant step forward for the bill as Assemblyman Ash Kalra, the sponsor of the bill, presented it before the Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials. With a unanimous vote in favor of the bill, it now moves to the Senate Appropriations Committee where we expect a similar outcome.

Beautycounter will continue to advocate for this bill to give salon owners, workers, and consumers like you access to important ingredient information.

If you live in California, you can contact your legislators to express your support HERE. Live outside the state? Share the link with your friends in California to sign and show their support. California is a key market for personal care products and an incubator for policies that are adopted at the federal level. Your voice will help inspire national change.

Artwork by Hanna Barczyk.