9 Priceless Beauty Lessons We Learned From Mom

No matter how many magazine articles and celebrity makeup tips we read, sometimes the best beauty advice comes from dear old Mom. In honor of Mother’s Day this year, we asked nine good friends to share the priceless beauty tips they learned from their own mothers. Turns out Mother may know best, after all.

1 - Marlien-Rentmeester-blog

“My mother is 76 and has more energy, stamina, and patience than I do. She believes that one ages gracefully by taking care of your whole body—not just the fine lines and wrinkles—and feeling good inside and out. I am trying to follow her advice to the T!”

—Marlien Rentmeester, founder of Le Catch

2 - Grasie-Mercedes-blog

“My mom’s best beauty advice was through example. She never wears a ton of makeup and always goes for a bold red lip to look done-up. I’ve taken that advice since high school.”

—Grasie Mercedes, founder of Style Me Grasie


“I’m obsessed with changing my hair color—Crimson! Blonde! Ombré! Black!—but my mom always told me that I look best with the color I had when I was a kid, and as I get older, I realize she’s right. She’s a big advocate of natural, low-maintenance beauty but of course embraces a smokey eye or a plum lip for special occasions. Smart woman.”

—Jill Percia, beauty editor at Women’s Health


“My mom always preaches less is more. When I was young, she always told me that if I wear too much makeup, I’ll look like a clown, and it stuck! Now, I use makeup to accentuate my features and have fun but never go overboard.”

—Jeannine Morris, beauty and wellness expert


“Doll yourself up as much as possible before you leave the house, and then stop worrying about how you look for the rest of the day. That advice has helped me focus on the important things instead of worrying about how I look all day or night.”

—Julia Dzafic, founder of Lemon Stripes


“Always wear sunglasses outdoors. Not only does it protect your eyes, it also reduces squinting and helps prevent wrinkles from forming around the eyes.”

—An Dyer, founder of Haute Pink Pretty


“Drink lots of water and take care of your feet!”

—Natalie Alcala, senior editor at Racked LA and founder of Fashion Mamas LA


“NEVER go to bed without washing your face—obviously brilliant advice!”

—Marissa Kraxberger, founder of Lady & Prince


“Bloom where you’re planted. Be gracious, be grateful, and make the most of what you were given rather than always wishing for what others have. I suppose this applies to all areas of life, but I love it in regards to beauty, since it’s all too often that we pine for the features other people possess rather than just appreciating our own beauty and celebrating it to the fullest.”

—Melissa Magsaysay, co-founder of The Hive