Countermen Making Waves: Meet Jack and Jon Rose

Most dads wouldn’t pull their nine-year-old out of school for an impromptu camping trip in Mexico. But Jack Rose isn’t most dads. His son Jon, now 40, remembers “sleeping on the beach, just totally winging it and having no plan…it’s not surprising that I created a very similar lifestyle as an adult.” That nine-year-old grew up to lead a nomadic life as a pro surfer, crisscrossing the globe in pursuit of the best waves.

In 2009, Jon was hunting swells in Sumatra when a 7.6 earthquake struck, decimating the coast of Indonesia. It was by chance that Jon had brought along the vague idea for a charity—called Waves For Water—as well as ten ceramic water filters. Watching those filters in action at the Red Cross, Jon found his life’s purpose.

Before the earthquake, Jon had lived what he described as an aimless, “very self-indulgent lifestyle,” and his father had encouraged him to try giving back. Jack’s fatherly advice wasn’t idle talk: he’s a carpenter who had built rain-catchment systems in Uganda and Kenya. His passion and dedication are at the root of Waves For Water, where he works today and which helps communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa.

In celebration of Father’s Day, this radical duo reflects on their love for adventure and their unshakeable bond.

Beautycounter: Jack, what’s the best Father’s Day gift you’ve ever received?
Jack: The best Father’s Day [gift] I ever received was catching my son Jon when he was born at home. It was like catching a football; I crossed the finish line.

BC: What do you admire most about each other?
Jack: What I most admire about Jon is his consistency and his integrity, and how strong he is for standing for what he believes. But not in a showy way. It’s more behind the scenes. It’s like the root of a tree, where it’s there, it’s solid, but he’s not trying to get any attention.

Jon: It’s really hard for me to say what I admire most about my dad because there’s a lot of things, but I think the key piece since I’ve been a kid is just to really stay adventurous. At a very young age, he was showing me a lot of unorthodox adventures and experiences. I look back now, and I can see that they were really different choices for a parent to make. I’ve carved a different path for myself as a result, and when I have a family, I will probably do the same for them.

BC: Tell us a little about your father-son work dynamic.
Jack: If we have a really big decision to make in our life, we run it by each other. We don’t ask for an immediate response. It’s just like, meditate on that. We totally trust each other, so it’s great to get that reflection and feedback that perhaps is better than you can do for yourself.

Jon: Our transparency is so deep-rooted and embedded that we don’t even have a conscious system, it’s just the way we are. Like he said, we run every big decision by each other. We are partners in crime, you know—we have been forever. And that goes across the board, heavy times, light times, we’re just there to keep each other honest.

BC: Jon, what makes your dad a Counterman?
Jon: My dad is definitely a Counterman. Counterculture in the best way. He has carved his own path since day one. He’s got a very special way of looking at things. It’s very creative. Very expansive. And I’ve learned a lot from that.

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From Surfer to Humanitarian: Meet Jon Rose from Waves For Water 

From Surfer to Humanitarian: Meet Jon Rose from Waves For Water 

When casting our Counterman campaign, we sought guys who embodied our standards—men who stand for something, who approach life with intention, think outside of the box, and are proactive about creating change for good. As a professional surfer for 13 years, Jon Rose led what he describes as, “A very self-indulgent lifestyle.” He traveled around the world with his board in tow, looking for the best, most beautiful waves to ride. But in these far-off, remote locations, Jon also witnessed extreme poverty, where access to clean drinking water was unavailable. These experiences inspired Jon to help people fulfill this basic human need, and he founded Waves For Water, an organization that brings water filters to locations in need of clean drinking water.  

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Community is Key: Deputy Sheriff David Richmond Gives Back

Community is Key: Deputy Sheriff David Richmond Gives Back

When launching Counterman, we knew we wanted to highlight men who are doing their part to create change for good. In researching these good guys, we were tipped off to David Richmond by an HQ insider: his wife, Bree, who happens to be our VP of Retail. “The thing I admire most about my wife is that she’s loving and caring,” says David, a deputy for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The same could easily be said for him—between protecting and serving his community and parenting their two young boys, he spends his free hours tutoring high school students and advising them on their future goals. “I just want to help people when they need help,” he says.

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Counterman Nathan Bogle is Revolutionizing the Men’s Fashion Industry

Counterman Nathan Bogle is Revolutionizing the Men’s Fashion Industry

As a Certified B Corp, Beautycounter considers people, the planet, and profit equally—so when we met Nathan Bogle, founder of Double Eleven, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for Counterman. Fashion is in Nathan’s blood, literally: his great-grandfather worked in fabric mills in Northern England in the early 1900s. But whether it’s part of his DNA or just an innate talent, Nathan’s eye for style and big ideas continue to impact the fashion world. Starting his career as a model, then moving on to become a co-founder of the NYC-based, British-inspired brand Rag & Bone, Nathan’s latest venture is Double Eleven, a sustainable menswear line. The apparel industry ranks third in its collective pollution of the planet (numbers one and two go to fossil fuels and agriculture). To combat this environmental issue, Double Eleven uses only deadstock fabrics, so that men can feel a little better about their fashion choices—while looking great, of course.

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Going Pro: Counterman Kamau Murray on Tennis, Opportunity, and First Impressions

Going Pro: Counterman Kamau Murray on Tennis, Opportunity, and First Impressions

As unique and exemplary as they may be, our Countermen all possess a commonality: they embody our standards and are doing their part to create change for good, in their communities and the world at large. For Kamau Murray, who grew up on the South Side of Chicago, the path to giving back began on the court. He took up tennis at seven years old because it was offered as a free after-school program, went on to play tennis at Florida A&M University on a scholarship, and, later, coached tennis pro Sloane Stephens to win the U.S. Open. Inspired by his tennis heroes and motivated to help the underserved youth of Chicago, Kamau founded the XS Tennis and Education Foundation, which gives kids a safe and encouraging athletic outlet, as well as the potential opportunity to earn college scholarships.

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