Christy Coleman’s Insider Towel Tips

When we found out that Christy Coleman, our Head of Creative Design and a fashion and celebrity makeup artist, often packs her own towels when she travels, we just had to hear why. “Often, hotels use harsh detergents and bleach, which tend to remain in the fibers and not completely wash out—plus the towels are usually dyed,” says Christy. “I think it’s very important to use the cleanest detergent I can find and organic cotton textiles. I also use the towels I pack to wrap something breakable in my luggage, so the towels do double duty!”



Here, ways Christy works a towel into her beauty routine:

▪ “If you’re ever traveling and forget your Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream, a hand towel can serve as a back-up exfoliator.”

▪ “Put a hand towel under hot water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Then, put the towel up to your face and breathe—it’s a refreshing way to start your day!”

▪ “A warm towel on the face can really help steam your pores, allowing Lustro Face Oils and creams to penetrate even better.”

▪ “Take a warm towel and roll it up—then, place it on the back of your neck and move it back and forth. It can help relieve tension after a long, stressful day. Also, a small hand towel placed on your eyes can make you feel more relaxed after staring at a computer screen.”