Community is Key: Deputy Sheriff David Richmond Gives Back

When launching Counterman, we knew we wanted to highlight men who are doing their part to create change for good. In researching these good guys, we were tipped off to David Richmond by an HQ insider: his wife, Bree, who happens to be our VP of Retail. “The thing I admire most about my wife is that she’s loving and caring,” says David, a deputy for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The same could easily be said for him—between protecting and serving his community and parenting their two young boys, he spends his free hours tutoring high school students and advising them on their future goals. “I just want to help people when they need help,” he says.

David Richmond
Newport Beach, CA
Deputy for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department 
“Live, love, laugh, and be happy.”
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Beautycounter: How does your job as a deputy reflect your personal values?

David Richmond: My personal mission is just to help others—to serve the community and serve others. I believe in the power of loyalty, respect, and being honest. Other than my day job, I also do a lot of volunteer work for teens in high school, helping them with their school work, helping them with finding a career path.

BC: What’s your mind-set when it comes to personal care?

DR: I go by that model, “You look good, you feel good,” so that’s why I say I groom enthusiastically. I brush my teeth and floss in the morning, then I take a shower and wash my face.

BC: What’s the best piece of grooming advice you’ve ever received?

DR: My wife encouraged me to start washing my face. I’d never done it before until she introduced me to it. My skin’s a lot softer now!

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