Congress Heard Our Call

At Beautycounter, we know we can’t clean up the cosmetics industry alone. So on March 4, our second anniversary, we asked our community to “march forth” and call on Congress to update federal cosmetic safety laws. Our calls—which numbered in the thousands—were heard loud and clear.


The last time Congress acted to update our federal laws on cosmetics was 77 years ago,
and according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, over 10,500 ingredients are used in
the cosmetics industry, but an estimated 90% of those have never been assessed for safety by any publicly accountable body. In addition, chemicals that are linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and other serious health issues are allowed in the skin care products
and color cosmetics that people use every day, day after day.

Our mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone is in response to these troubling statistics. The modern-day cosmetics industry and our federal cosmetic safety law—the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938—need a makeover. American families are learning more about harmful ingredients in the products we use on our skin every day. We know we can do better, and we’re doing something about it.


On our anniversary, we joined together to let Congress know it’s time for strong cosmetic safety laws. Here’s what we achieved that day:


• We activated and reached thousands of individuals on social media,
including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

• Our Consultants hosted over 1,039 Socials in 49 states and generated
thousands of calls to Congress, asking for strong public-health-protective
laws overseeing the cosmetics industry.

• Beautycounter received calls from Congress thanking us for educating
the public on the need for public health protective cosmetics reform.

• We testified in front of the Oregon State Legislature in support of a
bill that would remove harmful ingredients from children’s products.


We are working to change the status quo by providing safer, high-performing products for people to use today, shifting the market toward safer cosmetics ingredients and advocating for health-protective cosmetic safety laws.

Reforming the cosmetics industry doesn’t happen overnight. We need to build a robust, diverse, and massive movement to let Congress know that cosmetic safety is on our minds. By joining our movement, you can help ensure that safer products come to market and that Congress does what it should have done in 1938—reform the cosmetics industry to move away from ingredients that put the health of our families and environment at risk.


Didn’t get a chance to call Congress on March 4? It’s not too late. Take a moment to read our simple instructions and make a call of your own. Stay tuned for more ways to help in the coming weeks; we won’t stop until we get safer products into the hands of everyone.