Counterman Nathan Bogle is Revolutionizing the Men’s Fashion Industry

As a Certified B Corp, Beautycounter considers people, the planet, and profit equally—so when we met Nathan Bogle, founder of Double Eleven, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for Counterman. Fashion is in Nathan’s blood, literally: his great-grandfather worked in fabric mills in Northern England in the early 1900s. But whether it’s part of his DNA or just an innate talent, Nathan’s eye for style and big ideas continue to impact the fashion world. Starting his career as a model, then moving on to become a co-founder of the NYC-based, British-inspired brand Rag & Bone, Nathan’s latest venture is Double Eleven, a sustainable menswear line. The apparel industry ranks third in its collective pollution of the planet (numbers one and two go to fossil fuels and agriculture). To combat this environmental issue, Double Eleven uses only deadstock fabrics, so that men can feel a little better about their fashion choices—while looking great, of course.

Nathan Bogle
Los Angeles, CA 
Founder of Double Eleven
Motto: “Live with gratitude.” 
Essential Product: Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion 

Beautycounter: Tell us about your brand, Double Eleven. 

Nathan Bogle: Double Eleven is a menswear brand based in Los Angeles. We focus on producing clothing with the smallest carbon footprint possible. We are trying to tackle the issue of clothing and fashion being the third biggest polluter on the planet. 

BC: With your background in fashion, what was your “aha” moment for Double Eleven? 

NB: It was in New York when I was in a factory and surrounded by piles of waste and samples and rolls of fabric, and it just struck me—the wastefulness behind producing clothing. 

BC: What does a “smaller footprint” look like for a fashion brand? 

NB: We source, manufacture, and distribute everything from inside a radius of 15 miles, so it’s a very localized, almost neighborhood kind of approach to production. We only work with what we can find that week, that month, that season, so it’s really determined by what’s available.  

BC: Can you give us an example of what that means? 

NB: I particularly enjoy finding this kind of 1960s and 1970s U.S. military deadstock fabric. There’s one particular place in LA that has an abundance of old military materials. It’s literally a treasure hunt trying to find this stuff because it’s complete chaos, but you always find these gems. 

BC: What is your grooming routine?  

NB: Simplicity in a sequence of two simple steps: washing my face and then using a simple moisturizer or balm afterwards. In a moisturizer, I look for clean ingredients, functional ingredients, high in nutrients…the smaller the ingredient list, the better. 

BC: Why are you a Counterman? 

NB: I would say I’m a Counterman because I make clothing that is different from the norm. And in my life, in general, I’ve always chosen a different route.  

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