Beautycounter Goes to Washington

Get safe products into the hands of everyone.

We’ve stayed true to our mission from the start, working day after day to get safer products into the hands of everyone. As a social-mission company, we want to provide safer and beautiful products and we want to change the broken system that allows harmful ingredients in the products we use every single day.

The last time Congress passed a law on cosmetics safety was in 1938. Since then, we’ve learned a lot from the scientific community about the harmful impacts of ingredients commonly used in the cosmetics industry. Meanwhile, other countries have taken significant steps to protect their residents from toxic chemicals in consumer products. The European Union, for example, has restricted over 1,300 cosmetics ingredients, whereas the United States has only taken action on 11. We have a lot of work to do.

We firmly believe in the old adage that knowledge is power—and this past week we went to the greatest source of power in the country to share our knowledge: the U.S. Capitol. The weather may have been chilly for our Santa Monica-based team, but the reception from congressional offices was incredibly warm.



Gregg Renfrew, our Founder, and Lindsay Dahl, our Director of Policy and Partnerships, spent two days introducing the Beautycounter story to over a dozen offices in the U.S. Senate. We told the story of how we are formulating safer and effective skin care products right here in the United States, all the while showcasing our unparalleled transparency in the industry. As part of our introduction to leaders in Washington, we wanted to ensure that members of Congress know that businesses can be both pro-commerce and pro-regulation. Our message was so well received that several offices went out of their way to thank Gregg and everyone involved in Beautycounter for the work we’re doing.

If there is one thing we learned last week, it’s that support for reducing the use of harmful chemicals crosses all political and demographic lines. This is just the beginning—in the coming months we will roll out more opportunities for the Beautycounter community to participate in this important part of our mission.