From Surfer to Humanitarian: Meet Jon Rose from Waves For Water 

When casting our Counterman campaign, we sought guys who embodied our standards—men who stand for something, who approach life with intention, think outside of the box, and are proactive about creating change for good. As a professional surfer for 13 years, Jon Rose led what he describes as, “A very self-indulgent lifestyle.” He traveled around the world with his board in tow, looking for the best, most beautiful waves to ride. But in these far-off, remote locations, Jon also witnessed extreme poverty, where access to clean drinking water was unavailable. These experiences inspired Jon to help people fulfill this basic human need, and he founded Waves For Water, an organization that brings water filters to locations in need of clean drinking water.  

Today, Waves For Water can be found helping communities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa. One out of six people in the world have no access to clean drinking water, but with the help of Waves For Water and participation from others, Jon believes this problem will someday be a thing of the past. The organization—and its founder—are hugely inspirational, which is why we’re thrilled to share them with you. 

Jon Rose
Sausalito, CA
Founder of Waves For Water 

Life Motto: “Do what you love and help along the way.”  
Essential Product: Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil 

Beautycounter: Tell us about Waves For Water. 

Jon Rose: Waves For Water is an international NGO whose mission is to provide access to clean drinking water for developing communities around the world.  

BC: What inspired you to start it? 

JR: My motto is, “Do what you love and help along the way.” I want to inspire people to participate in the world and, for me, the easy answer to that is Waves For Water.  

BC: You travel a ton—what have you learned from exploring the world? 

JR: The one piece of wisdom that really speaks out to me from all my travels is that we are all the same. We’re very much different in nuanced ways, but the reality is, whatever color, race, size, shape, gender—we are all the same. And we all drink water. We all need water, we all need sleep and food. It’s really helped me look at us as a global community of one. 

BC: Do you have time for a grooming routine? 

JR: I’m very low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Typically function over fashion. A lot of that has to do with being on the road, probably nine to ten months out of the year. My morning routine is straightforward: shower, soap, clean. After that, a little lotion to moisturize. My essential product is the Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil, though. It definitely made it feel softer and I smell better than I’ve ever smelled.  

BC: Why are you a Counterman? 

JR: I am a Counterman because I’ve always taken the road less traveled—to stay crazy and keep pushing it.  

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