Gregg’s Healthy Obsession: Pong Smartphone Cases

We’re dedicated to getting safer products into the hands of everyone, so when other companies are committed to the same mission, we take notice. It’s easy to see why our founder Gregg Renfrew’s latest obsession is Pong, the maker of smartphone and tablet cases designed to redirect potentially harmful radiation away from your head and body.


Whether we’re texting friends, checking email, or looking up directions, most of us are permanently attached to our cell phones, which constantly emit radio-frequency radiation. We do not know for certain if this is a problem for our long-term health, but researchers have indicated there is reason to be cautious, especially for babies and kids since they absorb more radiation into their developing brains than adults do. According to Pong, while its cases can’t reduce radiation, they can decrease your exposure to it, reaching as low as 89% below the Federal Communications Commission’s limit on Specific Absorption Rate, a measure of radiation exposure to the human body. Plus, the company’s patented technology—an ultra-thin antenna built into each case—was created to prevent any compromise to your cell’s mobile connection.

Of course, in the absence of clear information about the health risk, ditching our cell phones in order to avoid radiation altogether may be the safest choice. But since the idea is almost unthinkable (after all, what would we do if we couldn’t constantly check our Facebook and Instagram feeds?), Pong’s sleek, protective cases might be our next-best bet.

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