Guilty Pleasure: The Best Artisan Chocolate

A life without a few guilty pleasures—like chocolate—would feel incomplete, and a lot less delicious. Lucky for us all, when you do want to indulge in the occasional treat, there are many options better than your average box of drugstore sweets. Whether you’re spoiling yourself or shopping for a special someone, check out the following seven companies that make chocolate to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Lake Champlain


This Vermont-based chocolate company has pledged to use non-GMO ingredients whenever possible in its decadent truffles and chocolate bars. It also prides itself on its Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification.


Taza Chocolate


Taza Chocolate’s vegan-friendly, USDA-certified organic treats are made using a stone-grinding process. The technique gives the chocolate a delicious, gritty texture and, according to the company, helps keep the chocolate minimally processed to preserve more of the cacao bean’s benefits.


Equal Exchange


At Equal Exchange, you’ll find uniquely flavored treats—like lemon ginger chocolate with black pepper and chocolate caramel crunch with sea salt—that are USDA-certified organic and grown by small-farmer organizations.


Alter Eco


Not only does Alter Eco have USDA organic, non-GMO, and B Corp certifications, but it also wraps its chocolate truffles in compostable wrappers printed with non-toxic ink.


Chocolatier Blue


This San Francisco-based company is known for sourcing its seasonal ingredients from local farmers markets and creating almost-too-pretty-to-eat confections—all while stating that it doesn’t use artificial flavorings, extracts, compounds, or preservatives.


Lulu’s Chocolate


All of Lulu’s Chocolate’s USDA-certified organic raw chocolate bars are sweetened with coconut sugar, which is supposed to be lower on the glycemic index than some other sweeteners.


Santosha Chocolate


Santosha Chocolate makes vegan, USDA-certified organic chocolate bars featuring “superfood” ingredients such as goji berries and maca root.


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