Happy Holidays

As the old song goes, it was a very good year—full of milestones met, partnerships formed, and, most importantly, word spread on our mission. Reflecting on 2014, we feel incredibly proud of our progress and humbly thankful for all that our community has contributed to support it. As you can imagine, we were full of good cheer at our annual holiday party—so much so that we broke out into songs of our own, covering everything from seasonal classics to contemporary hits. (We’re fortunate enough to have a concert pianist and an opera singer among our colleagues, so the impromptu sing-along had actual moments of greatness, not just champagne-fueled fumbling.) After all, we couldn’t be more serious about our message, but we still manage to have some serious fun while we work to deliver it. And we wish nothing more than equally good times ahead for you and your loved ones in 2015.