How to Apply Flawless in Five Like a Pro

Our Flawless in Five makeup kit is designed to be easy, but we all know that certain tricks of the trade can take an everyday look to the next level. Watch our video to learn how Christy Coleman, our very own in-house Celebrity Makeup Artist—a.k.a., Chief Artistic Officer—achieves that polished look we all covet in a quick five minutes (it was actually four, but who’s counting?). 


For Polished Skin  
Tint Skin Foundation / Retractable Foundation Brush  
“Keep the focus of the coverage on the center of your face. Press in the center, then gently whisk it around.”  

 Touchup Skin Concealer Pen  
“Starting at the inside corner of your eye, draw downward stripes and sweep one across. Then gently pat it in with your ring finger.”  

For Groomed Brows 
Color Define Brow Pencil  
“Draw small hair-like strokes, then use the spooley to gently blend the color upward into the rest of your brow.” 

For Defined Eyes 
Lengthening or Volumizing Mascara 
“When applying mascara, rock the wand back and forth. Keep the formula concentrated at the base of the lash and then blend it.” 

For a Flushed Cheek 
Satin Powder Blush 
“Smile, then press and pat blush into the apples of the cheeks.” 

For a Luminous Lip 
Lip Gloss 
“The great thing about this lip gloss is that it’s not sticky. Sweep it across the lip—it blends and brightens.”

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