8 Natural Beauty Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

There’s a time and a place for getting done up, but for the everyday, we prefer the no-makeup makeup trend—a look designed to make you appear barefaced but, of course, still add polish. Funny enough, sometimes it takes the help of a few products to seem as if you’re, well, not wearing any at all. We asked a handful of our favorite beauty bloggers for their tried-and-true techniques on achieving an au naturel face. Whether you want perfectly glowing skin or just the hint of a flushed cheek, read on for these eight tips.

“For a dewy finish after applying powder or foundation, apply a tiny drop of facial oil (too much and you’ll mess up your makeup!) to fingertips, then gently press into cheekbones. I also love this trick to reinvigorate makeup just before heading to happy hour!”

—Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets

“For a natural peekaboo glow with all-day staying power, apply blush before powder! That way, your blush doesn’t look as intense.”

—Jenny Wu of Good, Bad, & Fab

“Prepping your skin and not skimping on taking care of it is always a must, but especially if you’re going for a natural look. Opt for a lightweight foundation with skin care benefits that wears well and evens you out.”

—Lara Eurdolian of Pretty Connected

“Natural skin is never matte, so using a cream blush in a rosy tone is the best way to mimic a dewy look. Use your fingertips and apply directly to the apples of your cheeks. If you don’t have a cream blush on hand, a classic matte lipstick is the perfect substitute.”

—Alexandra Veras of Glory Boon

“In the summer, heavy makeup can sometimes make you look too done up. Try going for a more effortless look and skipping foundation. Instead, mix one pea-size amount of tinted moisturizer and one pea-size amount of liquid luminizer with your favorite face lotion for that perfect lit-from-within glow.”

—Annie Atkinson of She’s in the Glow

“I don’t really wear a bold lip often (mostly because my lips are thin), but I do love to ‘dot’ my lips occasionally! All you do is apply small dashes with lip liner along your lip line (as opposed to a solid line), then gently blend in with your fingertips. It gives you a softer, more natural look versus full-on lipstick, yet still appears polished.”

—Jamie Stone of Honestly Jamie

“Using an eye shadow brush or a clean finger, I swipe a pearl-colored eye shadow just under my eyebrow to highlight my brow bone. I find that this lifts the eyes and gives me an ‘I just had a good night’s sleep’ look. I’ll also dab a tiny bit of the shadow just inside the waterline of my eye for a sun-kissed effect.”

—Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie

“Apply blush to your forehead near the hairline for a luminous glow.”

—Amber Katz of Rouge18