How to Master the Perfect Brow

Brows are such a statement-making feature, and when groomed well, they can transform your face and add beautiful definition. So, in honor of the launch of our Brilliant Brow Gel, we asked our Chief Artistic Officer, Christy Coleman, to share exactly how she creates the perfect everyday brow. Watch the video to learn the two power products she uses for creating the ultimate arches, then read on for answers to all of your other burning brow Qs.  

Beautycounter: When do we use a pencil versus a gel? 
Christy Coleman: A pencil is used when you want to draw and mimic brow hairs. So if you have really sparse brows and you want to draw, fill them in, or extend them, you need a pencil. Pencils are drawn directly onto the skin, and a brow gel is applied like a mascara and simply coats the hair. When you want to create a shape or if your brows are sparse, you’d use a pencil, but if you want to tint or hold your hairs in place, use a gel. And of course, you can always use both products together. 

BC: Does a brow gel or a pencil create a more natural finish?  

CC: It depends on your brows and what your brows need. If your brows are sparse, then a pencil is going to help fill them in for the most natural finish, but if you have the hair and just need a tint or hold, a gel works best. Our Brilliant Brow Gel is a little more effortless to apply, but it’s just a personal preference based on your brows and the results you’re looking for. 

BC: What shade should redheads choose?  

CC: With Brilliant Brow Gel, I lined up the shades with Light, Medium, and Dark to be neutral in tone, so they can work across skin tones and hair colors. I would love to add an auburn shade to the mix someday, but until then, the Light shade should work.  

BC: Does your brow color need to match your hair color? 
CC: No, they don’t—it’s up to you! When you think about Brigitte Bardot or other girls with blonde hair, they don’t all have blonde eyebrows. Sometimes your brows are a different color than your hair. That’s why I made all of the shades really neutral in tone so that you can play around with them to find the shade that complements your skin and hair color best. 

BC: When should you use Tinted versus Invisible?  

CC: Well, the Tinted adds color, so it definitely amplifies and enhances the brows, whereas the Invisible is just going to give you grooming qualities. Basically, if you just want your brows to stand out and look groomed, you would use Invisible.  

BC: When in your makeup routine should you apply your brows? 

CC: I always apply brows last. Mostly because if you apply it before foundation, then you could unintentionally get your foundation on your brows and cover up your brow gel or brow pencil. 

Thanks, Christy! 

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