How to Vote Every Day

If you didn’t already know, Beautycounter is a B Corp. “What’s that?” you ask? In a nutshell, being a B Corp means that we consider more than just the bottom line and a profit margin when making business decisions. We take a more comprehensive approach to business practices—also focusing our attention on people and the planet.

So, it goes without saying that we are excited to participate in the “Vote Every Day” campaign, which helps consumers recognize that our everyday choices matter. When you shop, you’re voting with your dollars—so when you shop B Corp companies, you’re voting for good. From your toothpaste to your cup of coffee, everything you purchase and use in your daily routine is a vote for what that product or company represents.

We realize that trying to figure out which companies to support can be overwhelming. Luckily, B Corp has made it easy, with a growing list of over 2,600 companies in 150 industries, all held to the highest standard for how they treat people, natural resources, and their communities.

We proudly stand behind choosing B Corps because we know firsthand just how high B Corp standards are. To give you an idea, our last recertification took a dedicated team an entire eight months to complete!

We set our standards based on safety for both the planet and the people on it. For the planet, we set science-based targets and use responsible sourcing in the design of our products. In 2019 we are launching more sustainable packaging to bring safer and more environmentally-friendly products to market.

For people, we give women the opportunity to run their own businesses as Consultants. For our employees, we offer benefits such as paid family leave. Using the best available sources, we screen every potential ingredient for information on specific hazards like cancer, developmental toxicity, hormone disruption, and infertility. This ensures our customers don’t have to worry when using our products.

The B Corporation certification started as a small movement, but today, major companies are seeing this as the most credible way to show the world they are mission driven. We are proud to be in good company with other industry leaders such as: Seventh Generation, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Athleta, Eileen Fisher, and, most recently, the global food company Dannon.

Thank you for choosing Beautycounter as your B Corp for #betterbeauty. Every time you shop our products, you’re voting for higher standards in the personal care industry. Stand with us and Vote B Corps.­ Choose companies that stand up for the issues people care about. Find other B Corps to support here.

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