How We Made the Impossible Mascara

Since Beautycounter launched in 2013, developing a safer mascara has been on our to-do list, and we’ve been determined to get it right. That’s why our brand-new Lengthening Mascara took more than three years to make. Three years of rejecting harmful ingredients often found in mainstream mascaras. Three years of researching better options that wouldn’t sacrifice performance—a common thread in other “clean” mascaras. And three years of refining the formula until it delivered the results we wanted: dramatically long, defined lashes. In large part thanks to our unparalleled Ingredient Selection Process, here’s how we achieved the impossible.


The Inspiration

For the launch of our very first mascara, Christy Coleman, our Head of Innovation, longed to create a buildable everyday formula that allowed for both a natural and a dramatic look.

The Innovation

Our hardworking product development team took more than three years to invent a formula that met our high safety and performance standards. Our Lengthening Mascara has all the benefits of many of the most mainstream mascaras, but unlike other clean formulas on the market, ours doesn’t leave lashes sticky or clumped.

The Ingredients

Our proprietary formula hydrates with organic ingredients such as pomegranate oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and acai oil to condition lashes. A blend of beeswax and carnauba wax adds structure and texture, making the mascara buildable and helping to produce an even application.

The Color

Our wearable soft black pigment suits everyone—including blondes—and has a low oil absorption rate, which helps the formula better adhere to lashes.

The Brush

The custom-designed brush features a long precision handle that perfectly separates lashes while a gentle curve in the wand captures hard-to-reach lashes and opens up the eye. Our lengthening brush and formula work together to define and elongate lashes to be impossibly beautiful.

The Proof

Check out the results from a self-assessment consumer perception study of 32 women, taken immediately after first application:

Women aged 26-59 experienced the following:
94% reported instantly defined and lengthened lashes
94% reported that mascara did not smudge on eyes
97% reported that mascara did not flake on eyes
97% reported that mascara was easily buildable
94% reported that mascara did not clump on lashes
94% reported that mascara gave lashes ultimate definition
94% reported that mascara multiplied the look of lashes
91% reported that mascara gave lashes visible lift
97% reported that mascara separated and defined lashes
94% reported that mascara felt weightless on lashes
91% would refer mascara to a friend