Make “Perfume” by Mixing Essential Oils

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi associated with the type of woman who leaves a scent behind when she walks out of the room. The only problem with a trailing fragrance: Traditional perfumes are often formulated with toxic chemicals that can seep into the skin—and that’s scary, no matter how great you smell.

So, we asked our resident mixologist and Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, to come up with a solution to the scent conundrum. Her advice? Stick to essential oils, which are concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from plants. To take us through the makeshift “perfumes” she designs at home, she’s broken it down by four distinct preferences

“I’m addicted to playing mixologist and creating scents that match different personalities and preferences—and love making a true custom creation. Normally, I get my essential oils at my local health food store where I’ll browse and take my time sniffing through my favorites but if you don’t have one nearby, you can buy online, here).


Mix your essential oils into a base: I recommend jojoba oil as your carrier oil because it has a longer shelf life. Be sure that your essential oil does not come pre-mixed into a carrier oil as many do.

Then, in a ½ ounce amber glass bottle, mix your carrier oil and essential oils together. For every ¾ teaspoon of jojoba oil, add anywhere between 30-40 drops of essential oil per scent. The amount of essential oil drops can vary depending on how memorable or subtle you’d like it to be. Start small, and you can always add more oils after your concoction has had a chance to mellow.

Keep them in cool, dark places as heat can alter the color and scent of the perfume.”