March Forth on 3/4

Beautycounter’s second anniversary is certainly an occasion to celebrate, but this year, we want to do more than make merry. We want to make change. Today, we’re calling on our community to help us deliver on our important social mission—to get safer products into the hands of everyone—and take action by insisting on better cosmetic safety laws. Join us to let Congress know that cosmetic safety is top of mind.


The last year Congress passed a law on cosmetic safety was 1938—and that’s only one of several troubling statistics. Check out our breakdown of the industry, by the numbers:



The issue of protecting our families from harmful ingredients in consumer products is nonpartisan, so we’re asking everyone in our community to join us and create change. In a mere moment, you can help move our country toward cosmetic safety laws protecting public health. Follow these four steps to take action:

Step 1

Call the capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask to be connected to one of your U.S. senators. Say which state you live in. The operator will connect you to one of your U.S. senators’ offices. Once you are connected, you will have the option to either leave a message for your senator or speak with a friendly staff member.

Step 2

Simply let your senator know you are concerned about harmful ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. Here is a sample script:

“Hi, my name is ____________, and I’m calling to let the senator know
that I’m very concerned about harmful ingredients found in cosmetics and
skin care products, which currently are perfectly legal for companies to use.
This is unacceptable, and I’m asking the senator to take action and update
our cosmetic safety laws to better protect our health.”

Step 3

If you’re excited, you can call the capitol switchboard again, ask to be connected to your other U.S. senator’s office, and leave a similar message.

Step 4

Share this with your friends and family, and encourage them to make a similar call.


Simply put, we deserve better. That’s why Beautycounter is dedicated not only to
our mission—getting safer products into the hands of everyone—but also to moving the $200 billion cosmetics industry toward safer products, and, as a result, a healthier, safer world.


Watch the video below to see the incredible progress we’ve made since Beautycounter launched two years ago, and get inspired to join us in taking action.