Meet Rachel Blumenthal, Founder of Cricket’s Circle

We love a woman who supports Healthy Child, Healthy World, which is one of our Trusted Non-Profits. So cue our collective admiration for entrepreneur Rachel Blumenthal‘s brand-new venture Cricket’s Circle where she has, in effect, given new moms permission to be entirely clueless about what to buy for their wee ones.

The premise is blessedly simple, which is a boon for pregnant woman everywhere, as anyone who has ever had a baby can tell you that figuring out what to buy is impossible. The former YSL PR maverick and jewelry designer launched a website where pregnant women, moms, and even friends of ladies with burgeoning bellies can find a winnowed down list of the absolute best stuff to get, from strollers to bibs.


The idea of the site stemmed from Blumenthal’s own pregnancy woes, where she was hard-pressed to find an authoritative voice with an aesthetic she loved. And so she decided to make one: At Cricket’s Circle, you’ll find a highly considered—and beautiful—experience.


And at the heart of it, great buying decisions: Blumenthal and her team takes the leg-work out of sifting through an unwieldy amount of products for le bebe. (The site doesn’t actually sell anything.)

Here, we asked the entrepreneur 5 questions about what makes her tick.

Your Work

The greatest and most fulfilling learning curve.

Your AM and PM

Email, Instagram, and my son Griffin—and if I can fit in some hot yoga and dinner with my husband, it’s a great day.

Your Weekend

Serious family time. My husband [Neil Blumenthal, co-founder of Warby Parker] and I switch off back-to-back Soul Cycle classes while the other is at the playground with our son. Then it’s brunch with friends and naptime (for all of us). The afternoon is always some outdoor activity with Griffin (sledding, playground, the beach, the zoo, depending on the season) to tire him out before bedtime and then we usually head out for a meal with friends.

Your Balance

Balance for me is being comfortable with my work and personal life being entirely intertwined. I shut off email sometimes, but my work is who I am, and if you love what you do, then it’s never an effort—it comes naturally.

Your Recipe

This one is pretty tough for me since I rarely cook! We usually order in sushi when we want something fast and healthy.