Meet Our Countermen

Four guys who are doing their part to create change for good.

At Beautycounter, it’s our mission to create cleaner products for the whole family. We’ve always believed that men deserve safer skin care, which is why we’re so excited to introduce Counterman, a line of safer, results-driven products designed specifically for the good guys in our lives. To celebrate, we tapped four men who embody our standards to discuss their missions, their hopes, and their plans for a better world—as well as their grooming routines, of course. Meet our Countermen: Jon Rose, Kamau Murray, Nathan Bogle, and David Richmond, four good guys who are doing their part to create change for good. 

Jon Rose  
The Humanitarian

Lives: Sausalito, CA  

Profession: Founder of Waves For Water, an international NGO 

Mission: To provide access to clean drinking water for developing communities around the world. 

Grooming Routine: “My morning routine is pretty straightforward. I’m jumping in the shower, soaping up, making sure that I’m clean. After that, a little lotion so I’m not all dry and scaly.”

Essential Product: Counterman Conditioning Beard Oil

Kamau Murray
The Empowering Coach

Lives: Chicago, IL 

Profession: Founder of XS Tennis and Education Foundation and professional tennis coach  

Mission: To provide Chicago’s underserved youth with an enriching safe haven and a positive academic/athletic pathway to college and successful careers. 

Grooming Routine: “It varies because I spend a lot of time on the road and in hotels, but in general, I wake up and take a shower, and try never to use the hotel soap on my face.”

Essential Product: Counterman Smoothing Shave Cream 

Nathan Bogle 
The Environmentalist

Lives: Los Angeles, CA 

Profession: Founder of Double Eleven, a men’s fashion brand that tackles the issue of garment industry pollution (the third biggest polluter on the planet).   

Mission: To create premium-quality clothing that is priced affordably while reducing the carbon footprint to the bare minimum. 

Grooming Routine: “My grooming routine consists of simplicity in a sequence of two simple steps: washing my face, either in the shower or sink, and then simple moisturizer or balm.”

Essential Product: Counterman Oil-Free Face Lotion 

David Richmond 
The Community-Builder

Lives: Newport Beach, CA 

Profession: Deputy for Riverside County Sheriff’s Department   

Mission: To serve the community, to serve others, and to help when people need help.

Grooming Routine: “I brush my teeth and floss in the morning, then I take a shower and wash my face. My wife definitely encouraged me to start washing my face. I’d never done it before until she introduced me to it. My skin’s a lot softer now.”

Essential Product: Counterman Clarifying Toner Pads 

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