A Note From Mia Davis, Head of Health and Safety

I joined Beautycounter before we had any products, or even a name for the company. I am entirely proud of that fact, as it speaks to our mission to put safety and transparency first, and most of all, to dive headfirst into the challenge of making beautiful products safer.

My goals as Beautycounter’s Head of Health and Safety are to give consumers a better alternative to what’s currently in the marketplace, and to agitate business as usual. I want Beautycounter to be proof positive that the cosmetics and chemical industries can be revolutionized.  We can have quality products that do not utilize toxic chemicals linked to serious illness—we’re doing it at Beautycounter. I want to inspire other companies in this space by showing that you can do well by doing good.



The most compelling way to achieve these goals is through our unbelievable Consultants who are in the field everyday, educating their families and communities about health and safety. Sure, we’re making a difference in makeup bags around the country, but on a larger scale, we’re building a movement.

I started my career working to eliminate Bisphenol A (BPA) – an endocrine (hormone) disruptor – from plastic water bottles, children’s sippy cups, and baby bottles. From there, I joined the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as the Organizing Director and  have worked with hundreds of companies committed to making cleaner products. I’ve spent nearly a decade working to eradicate toxic chemicals from our consumer goods to protect the end user, workers, and the environment.

I hope that you will use The Truth Serum to work alongside Beautycounter: Make no mistake– your voice matters every step of the way as we educate as many people as possible about this crucial issue of our time. For us, our friends, and our families: Because we all deserve better.

Be Well,