Mom Knows Best

As a female led company, we are a big fan of moms.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating our mothers by sharing the best advice we’ve learned from them.


“The best piece of advice that my mother ever gave me is that you are the cake. Build your strong foundation; everything else is just icing. Have the confidence that you are the foundation of your life.”

– Gregg Renfrew | Founder and CEO


“Always say please and thank you!”

– Gina | Chief Revenue Officer


“Don’t let little things stress you out or bother you. Life is too short. You need to enjoy and take each day as it comes.”

– Emily | Production Designer


“The best advice I learned from my mom is to always do things intentionally and with as much heart as possible. If I do this, ‘todo a lo que aspiras es posible’ (everything you aspire to is possible).”

– Daniela | Counter Support Supervisor


“Always strive to be the person in the room with the biggest smile. That’s the person people want to be around.”

– Megan | VP, Digital Product Management


“’Doctor Mom’ taught me you can do anything if you put your heart into it. She earned her PhD last year after raising four children and working full-time! I aspire to be as earnest and persistent as my mother every day.”

– Mark | Director, Engineering


“The best advice my mother has ever given me is to ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even in the winter.”

– Sabrina | Sr. Executive Assistant


“You don’t see things as they are, you see things as you are. So, if you don’t like something that you are seeing, look inside of you and be the light that touches everyone and everything.”

– Melissa | Counter Support Supervisor


“Obstacles on the course don’t mean you can’t get from point A to point B, you just won’t be on the same track as everyone else. You should be focusing on your own lane anyway!”

– Talia | Guideline Support Specialist


“Treat everyone with respect and kindness, always say your hellos and goodbyes, and be able to forgive and forget.”

– Mackenzie | Executive Assistant


“Never be afraid to stand up for yourself. Even if you have to remove yourself from a situation, do what it takes to move forward and live your best life.”

– Ashley | Community Expansion Coordinator


“Drink water!”

– Emily | Executive Assistant


“The best advice I have learned from my mom is to be who I am and not what others think I should be. Always be kind and treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

– Tami | Counter Support Manager


“Be kind and have fun!”

– Samantha | Social & Environmental Responsibility Coordinator


“Life is all about experience. Good or bad, it’s important to learn and grow from every experience. Everything we experience throughout our lives make us stronger and contributes to who we become.”

– Rachel | Associate Manager


“My mom always looks put together and loves entertaining so one of the best pieces of advice I ever got from her when I first started throwing parties of my own was to always get yourself ready first. That’s the one thing you can’t do when guests start arriving.”

– Candice | Director, Training


“I would have to say that the best advice that my mom has given me is to ‘trust your gut.’  It is simple and works every time when you have moments of doubt.  She is a big supporter of dreams and encourages exploring those dreams regardless of limiting fears that may arise.”

– Anna | Director, Color Project Development


“The best advice I have learned from my mom is to be kind, compassionate, strong and honest and to lead from the heart.”

– Bree | Vice President of Direct Retail


“The best advice my mom ever gave me was to ‘dream and envision myself doing whatever I wanted to achieve in life and it would happen.’ She also advised me to place as much time and emphasis into my wife as I do our daughter.”

– Kwaku | Research Toxicologist in Global Product Safety


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