Beautycounter Puts Our Mission into Action at Healthy Child Healthy World’s MOM ON A MISSION Gala

All the stars came out on Wednesday night—and in all fields, from Hollywood and the music industry to medicine and environmental activism. They turned out in droves to shine their spotlight on a single, critical mission: to help make the world a healthier, safer place for children. We were honored to be among them as a program sponsor at Healthy Child Healthy World’s Mom on a Mission gala, an annual event designed to help raise money and awareness for a cause close to our hearts.

One of our three Trusted Non-Profits, Healthy Child Healthy World was founded by James and Nancy Chuda when they lost their daughter to a rare, non-hereditary cancer at the age of five. The organization informs parents and caregivers on ways to protect children from harmful chemicals. Their easy actions and tips help families create safer environments where children can flourish.


Two inspiring women in particular, Nina Montée Karp and Shanna Swan, PhD, were honored at Wednesday’s event for their significant contributions to environmental health. Karp, an environmental activist, documentarian, and wife of renowned pediatrician Harvey Karp, is an incredibly active and influential board member of both Healthy Child Healthy World and the Environmental Working Group. Dr. Swan, an epidemiologist and professor of preventive medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, has devoted her career to studying the ways chemical exposure can affect reproductive health. Our founder, Gregg Renfrew, presented the award to Dr. Swan, whose work has informed our own Ingredient Screen, the most health-protective screening tool in the industry.

Interested in making your own contribution to Healthy Child Healthy World through Beautycounter? One way to do so: Select them as your chosen non-profit when you join our Band of Beauty Membership Program. You, too, can make a difference in creating a world where children can live free from toxic chemicals—and thrive.