Mother Daughter Love Notes: Gina + Caroline

There are only a couple more days until we celebrate the women who raised us: The ones who kissed our boo-boos, sang us to sleep, and showed us how to wear lipstick.

Gina Murphy and Caroline Mother's Day

In an effort to highlight some of our favorite mother-daughter teams, we here at Beautycounter started our Love Notes Series on Monday with our CEO Gregg Renfrew and her young daughters Phebe and Georgie, followed by Blair Lawson, Beautycounter’s Head of Merchandising and Product Development (and resident comedic relief). Today, we’re thrilled to profile Gina Murphy, our Head of Sales and her daughter Caroline.

Gina Asks Caroline

Gina – What is your favorite memory of us?

Caroline – There are so many…but this past November, rushing the stage together at a Pearl Jam concert.

G – What’s the first word that pops into your mind when I say the word “mother”?

C – Available

G – Do you remember any words of advice that stuck?

C – Always be a friend.

G – In what ways do you think we’re similar?

C – We have the same laugh.

G – In what ways do you think we’re different?

C – Mom, you’re way more organized…I am NOT!

G – What is my best quality?

C – You are a good listener and great at giving advice.

G – What is the best thing that I’ve cooked for you?

C – Homemade Mac & Cheese

Caroline Asks Gina

Caroline – What pregnancy cravings did you have?

Gina – LOTS of vanilla ice cream (which I typically did not eat).

C – Did you have any other names in mind when you were naming me? Why did you settle on my name?

G – Berkley…but being a huge Kennedy fan I named you after Caroline Kennedy.

C – What is your favorite memory of us together?

G – Rushing the stage at a Pearl Jam show…for the first time, you led and I followed.

C – What is your hope for me?

G – To be a confident woman. To be happy with your life and career. To enjoy the people around you.

C – What’s the best part of being a mom?

G – Watching you become the person you are.

C – What is the hardest part of being a mom?

G – Feeling your frustrations and disappointments.

C – What does beauty mean to you?

G – Being comfortable with who you are.

C – What kind of women do you/did you envision me becoming?

G – Exactly who you are…to me, you are perfect!

C – What’s on your mother’s day wish list?

G – No phone call, emails or texts…and Lustro Body Oil!

C – Is there anything that you wish you had done differently?

G – No…I really have no regrets.  Well, maybe one: I wish I had fed you cereal earlier as a baby. You were a horrible sleeper and I know now it’s because you were hungry!