Mother Daughter Love Notes: Gregg, Phebe, and Georgie

Here at Beautycounter, we count ourselves lucky to be surrounded by some of the most talented, inspirational, and well-rounded mothers out there.

This Mother’s Day, we look to people like Blair Lawson, our Head of Merchandising and Product Development, and Gina Murphy, our awesome Head of Sales, who are businesswomen by day and heroic moms by night. There are women like Cat Raack, the ever kind and hardworking wife of our Head of Operations, Steve Raack, and Gregg Renfrew, our CEO who is not only the mother of three, but tends to Beautycounter like it’s her baby, too.

Mother's Day Gregg Renfrew

To that end, we’ve decided to spend this week celebrating super-moms, and asked five mom and daughter teams to interview each other, in a way that made us both laugh and cry. First up, Gregg Renfrew interviews her daughters Phebe (9) and Georgie (5).

Gregg Asks Phebe and Georgie


What is your favorite memory of us?

Phebe, 9: Sitting in the lifeguard chair in Bridgehampton with my purple sweater on.

Georgie, 5: On the ferris wheel at Phebe’s school fair.

What’s the first word that pops into your mind when I say the word “mother”?

P – Love

G – I love mama. Happy.

Do you remember any words of advice that stuck?

P – Only cry about things that are worth crying about.

G – Treat people the way you want to be treated.

In what ways do you think we’re similar?

P – We work very hard and like getting our nails done.

G – We are all girls that have fun.

In what ways do you think we’re different?

P – Blonde hair and dark hair.

G – We have a different fashion sense. I have blue eyes and you have green eyes.

What is the best thing that I’ve cooked for you?

P – Rice pilaf.

G – Homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Phebe and Georgie Ask Gregg


What did you want to eat when you were pregnant with us?

Gregg – Asian, Thai, and anything salty.

Did you almost name us something else? Why did you pick our names?

G – Toby or Anabelle—we wanted to have names from family.

What is your favorite memory of us together?

G– Our annual trip to NYC.

What do you want for us?

G – Happiness to live to your full potential.

What’s the best part about being a mom?

G – Unwavering love, hugs, joy.

What is the hardest part about being a mom?

G – Lack of sleep.

What does beauty mean to you?

G – People who are calm and confident.

What do you want us to be when we grow up?

G – Forces to be reckoned with.

What’s on your mother’s day wish list?

G – A Jenni Kayne bag. Sleep. Peace amongst the siblings.

Is there anything that you wish you had done differently?

G – I wish I didn’t put the wrong products on you guys when you were babies.