How Our Movement for Better Beauty Gives Back

From day one, Beautycounter decided that giving back was core to who we are. That is part of the reason we partner with our three Trusted Non-Profit partners: We support the work they do to educate and activate the public around protecting our health from harmful ingredients and chemicals.


Give Back

Beautycounter generously donates to our Trusted Non-Profit partners and other allied organizations who share in our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. For example, this year we teamed up with the Beautycounter community (including our Clients, Consultants, and Members) to fundraise for the Breast Cancer Fund’s work to prevent breast cancer. You can read more about our collective donation of over $30,000 HERE.


Give Knowledge

We seek to provide trustworthy information so people can make safer choices for themselves and their loved ones. We believe sharing good information is part of our duty to give back to the community. You can help by sharing this information from our blog or joining us as a Beautycounter Consultant.


Give Voice

We believe that lending your voice to our movement will help us get safer products into the hands of everyone. Part of the reason Beautycounter is dedicated to advocating for more public-health-protective laws in the beauty industry is so that ALL products will eventually become safer. You can give voice and urge Congress to prioritize safe beauty.


Read more about the work of our Trusted Non-Profit partners HERE, and if you are as inspired by their work as we are, consider making a donation!