California Leads the Way in Protecting Consumers

As a company founded in California, Beautycounter is proud of the groundbreaking work our state legislators have done in the area of personal-care safety. This year, we are honored to lend our voice in support of two bills recently introduced into the California legislature, which will further protect consumers from harmful ingredients in the products they use every day.

Know What’s in “Fragrance”

The first, the Toxic Fragrance Chemicals Right to Know Act (SB 574), requires companies to report any fragrance or flavor ingredients in their products to the Safer Cosmetics Program in California. This program then makes the information public.

This bill closes the “fragrance loophole” which allows companies to hide the ingredients used for a particular scent within the words “parfum” or “fragrance,” even when that scent may contain chemicals of concern.

At Beautycounter, our commitment to transparency means that we fully disclose all fragrance ingredients, and we screen and assess the safety of each ingredient in our products. Moreover, to fragrance our products, we use essential oils, natural products extracted from plants that are often also beneficial to skin.

We are proof that it is possible to make safer beauty that contains a pleasant aroma without compromising health.

Ban the Worst Offenders

The California Toxic-Free Cosmetics Act (AB 495), introduced by Assembly Members Muratsuchi and Wicks, creates a list of 15 ingredients and classes of ingredients that may not be used in personal-care products sold in California.

The chemicals listed in the ban include: asbestos, lead, diethylhexyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde releasers, mercury and related compounds, isobutylparaben, isopropylparaben, butylparaben, propylparaben, toluene, triclosan, carbon black, and per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). 

These 15 ingredients have long been included on The Never List, of which Beautycounter has pledged never to use in our products. Given the fact that California is the fifth largest economy in the world, if passed, this bill would mean safer personal-care products across the U.S.

Both bills must move through their committees of jurisdiction before being brought to the Senate and House floors. In the meantime, if you are a California resident, you can show your support for these bills by emailing your California legislators.

Just text SAFERSCENT to 52886 to support SB 574, and TOXICFREE to 52886 to support AB 495. Live outside the state? Share the text actions with your friends and family who live within the state to make their voices heard, too. Beautycounter will keep you updated on both bills’ progress over the coming months.

Beautycounter’s Groundbreaking Collaboration with Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine

When you pick up a Beautycounter product, you know that the ingredients in the moisturizer, lipstick, or shampoo you hold have been rigorously screened as part of our Five-Step Ingredient Selection Process. But did you know that your dollars are also contributing to cutting-edge research that will lead to even safer personal care products across the industry?

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A Conversation on Brows with Kristie Streicher

With the launch of our new Brilliant Brow Gel, we’ve got brows on the mind and wanted to go straight to the guru, Kristie Streicher. Kristie is a co-founder of STRIIIKE, a cult-favorite beauty salon in Beverly Hills that she runs with her sisters, Jenn and Ashley, who specialize in makeup and hair, respectively. (Talk about triple threat!) Having worked with countless celebrities, Kristie has achieved brow-guru status—she’s best known for her feathered brow and believes in the power of the hair you leave, rather than the hair you tweeze (read: waxing is a no-no in her book).   

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How To Practice Self-Love: A Conversation with Lauren Ash

While Valentine’s Day is usually all about romance and your S.O., we also like to think of it as an opportunity to tune in and make a little time for self-love. We asked Lauren Ash, yogi and founder of Black Girl In Om, to tell us how she stays mindful and focused—even when life gets busy. (She even shared a special guided meditation to get you into the self-love mindset—enjoy!)  

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How to Master the Perfect Brow

Brows are such a statement-making feature, and when groomed well, they can transform your face and add beautiful definition. So, in honor of the launch of our Brilliant Brow Gel, we asked our Chief Artistic Officer, Christy Coleman, to share exactly how she creates the perfect everyday brow. Watch the video to learn the two power products she uses for creating the ultimate arches, then read on for answers to all of your other burning brow Qs.  

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How to Apply Flawless in Five Like a Pro

Our Flawless in Five makeup kit is designed to be easy, but we all know that certain tricks of the trade can take an everyday look to the next level. Watch our video to learn how Christy Coleman, our very own in-house Celebrity Makeup Artist—a.k.a., Chief Artistic Officer—achieves that polished look we all covet in a quick five minutes (it was actually four, but who’s counting?). 

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This is Big: Beautycounter Joins the United Nations Global Compact

This is Big: Beautycounter Joins the United Nations Global Compact

One of the things we’re proudest of is our mission, because it goes beyond our company, our local community—and even our industry. Making a positive impact on people and ecosystems across the globe is incredibly important to us, and we couldn’t do it without some help. So, what we are about to announce is a big deal.

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From Surfer to Humanitarian: Meet Jon Rose from Waves For Water 

From Surfer to Humanitarian: Meet Jon Rose from Waves For Water 

When casting our Counterman campaign, we sought guys who embodied our standards—men who stand for something, who approach life with intention, think outside of the box, and are proactive about creating change for good. As a professional surfer for 13 years, Jon Rose led what he describes as, “A very self-indulgent lifestyle.” He traveled around the world with his board in tow, looking for the best, most beautiful waves to ride. But in these far-off, remote locations, Jon also witnessed extreme poverty, where access to clean drinking water was unavailable. These experiences inspired Jon to help people fulfill this basic human need, and he founded Waves For Water, an organization that brings water filters to locations in need of clean drinking water.  

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Community is Key: Deputy Sheriff David Richmond Gives Back

Community is Key: Deputy Sheriff David Richmond Gives Back

When launching Counterman, we knew we wanted to highlight men who are doing their part to create change for good. In researching these good guys, we were tipped off to David Richmond by an HQ insider: his wife, Bree, who happens to be our VP of Retail. “The thing I admire most about my wife is that she’s loving and caring,” says David, a deputy for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. The same could easily be said for him—between protecting and serving his community and parenting their two young boys, he spends his free hours tutoring high school students and advising them on their future goals. “I just want to help people when they need help,” he says.

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Counterman Nathan Bogle is Revolutionizing the Men’s Fashion Industry

Counterman Nathan Bogle is Revolutionizing the Men’s Fashion Industry

As a Certified B Corp, Beautycounter considers people, the planet, and profit equally—so when we met Nathan Bogle, founder of Double Eleven, we knew he’d be a perfect fit for Counterman. Fashion is in Nathan’s blood, literally: his great-grandfather worked in fabric mills in Northern England in the early 1900s. But whether it’s part of his DNA or just an innate talent, Nathan’s eye for style and big ideas continue to impact the fashion world. Starting his career as a model, then moving on to become a co-founder of the NYC-based, British-inspired brand Rag & Bone, Nathan’s latest venture is Double Eleven, a sustainable menswear line. The apparel industry ranks third in its collective pollution of the planet (numbers one and two go to fossil fuels and agriculture). To combat this environmental issue, Double Eleven uses only deadstock fabrics, so that men can feel a little better about their fashion choices—while looking great, of course.

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